This Message Should Be Given To All

It would do everyone good if the basics of this message were given to them from their infancy.

Simply this: No matter what arises, or does not arise, you are only Consciousness Itself.

The basic communication of all humankind to all its future children should be that.

And, then, no matter what people do from then on, no matter what they experience, they will know that this is the case, this is Reality, and this is the great thing to be Realized.


This message should be given to every living being, without cost or obligation of any kind.

It should be made known to everyone, even if only as a verbal communication.

To Realize the Truth of that verbal communication requires a great process.


Whatever anyone wants to do about that is up to the individual.

But this much basic information—if only in the form of just these words, whatever they may mean to anyone, at any time—is something of which no one should be deprived.

It should be a basic common gift to humankind.

Whatever anyone will make of It, at least this Message should be given to all, without any limitation of any situation in the world.


I want everyone to know this.

I want everyone to hear this.

It is simply a gift.

This understanding—everything that comes from it, everything that is associated with it—should become the foundation of human culture in the future.

This understanding should be the undeniably real basis for the future culture of humankind.

the end